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Antique dealing in the 21st Century; A Pop Up Shop Story.

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Pop Up Shop

This is the story of how four antiques dealers ventured into the 21st century with their very first pop up retail shop, how we find our way into a new world.

What the!?!  Who would have ever thought us too!?!

Well, as it has happened, by a series of circumnatious events, discussions, ideas being thrown into to the ether, querulous inflections of rhetorical “don’t quite understand”s “who’s planet are we on?”, and gumption, chutzpah and sheer illogical intuitive rational; a small but determined group of Antique dealers came to the conclusion that we would ”go with the flow” and do something that is currently in fashion (Oh no!!! antique dealers moving into the C21st) and have a pop up shop.

A Pop Up Antique Fair here in Melbourne!

Nobody has done this before (to our collective knowledge anyway), will this succeed? How will we organise it? How will we set up the display, individually or collectively? How much/ where? When? Who will be responsible for this and that? Who’s bringing the wrapping paper!!?? (and the sav blanc? Mind you, I've got a feeling someone should bring something stronger)…and don’t forget the champagne glasses!!

So many questions, so little time.

As it has happened a wonderful group of four dealers, including myself, are about to set off on an adventure of unknown delight and excitement. These include Peter Valentine of Valentine's Antiques Gallery, Danielle Rusko of The Find Antiques and Tony Venoir of Antony Venoir Interiors.

We are all members of the Australian Antique dealers association The AAADA. We have a collective passion that we hope to share with Melbournites this coming week.

This pop up antique fair will be very similar to the antique fairs that the AAADA run, except that it will be a mini version. Each dealer will be presenting some of their finest items, and each item will be displayed in an exceptional decorative and yet homely way. So that the potential buyer will be able to ascertain and possibly feel how the item they are interested in might look in their home.

Because it is a collaborative event we are sure that our visitors will be wowed by the inventiveness and artistic merit of the displays. Especially as each dealer will be interacting with passion and vigor together, to create displays that otherwise might have only been possible by contracting out to some of the world’s finest interior decorators.

The Pop Up Antique Fair will be running from Wednesday 22nd May until Sunday 2nd June. Opening daily from 10am to 6pm at 1-3 Station street, Malvern.

Pop Up Shop


We look forward to seeing you there and hope you can find that special piece you've been searching for.

Don’t just be a treasure hunter, be an adventurer!

~Elizabeth Syber

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